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  • Product name: Silica gel desiccant
  • Product number: G1002
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The product description

Silica gel desiccant is a kind of strong adsorption ability of adsorbent, completely exposed to the air relative humidity (80% 90%), the temperature of 25 ℃, 7 hours, it was completely full of moisture 35% - 35%. Sodium sulfate artificially silica gel desiccant is formed of a material for chemical reaction - silica. This kind of synthetic chemicals in irregular granular porous structure, the structure characteristics of the internal network formed by numerous capillary gap between molecules, can form the so-called capillary absorption and condensation effect, which can effectively absorb the surrounding water, alcohol, hydrocarbon and other chemical molecules. People use the physical properties of the silicone so that the silica gel desiccant become the best absorbent today.

Product features

1. Except to moistureproof also can effectively prevent mildew, rust, oxidation, and so on and so forth.

2. Quick absorption of moisture, can effectively control the relative humidity, protect product doesn't be affected with damp be affected with damp.

3. The silicone is chemically inert, the product will not have any negative effect

4. Silicone tasteless, odourless, no threat to the health Comply with the eu RoHS environmental directives.

5. High cost performance effectively, and can be repeated use (the temperature of 100 ℃ to 120 ℃ for 24 hours to dry, it can be used again)

6. Easy to use, in can.

7. More than 12 month shelf life

Moisture absorption principle

Takes advantage of the gap between the molecules and molecular form a larger, can effective fast to absorb the water vapor and other molecules around and lock, suck up the saturated after its surface is dry, its shape is not any change.