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Corporation share common food packaging deoxidizer

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Deoxidizer in its raw material classification can be roughly divided into iron material and the iron series has a kind of material of two kinds big. In recent years, in such use of deoxidizer, considering the foreign material to prevent with the product, make good packaging products need through the metal detector, will be mixed with foreign matter out. That most now, therefore, in order to avoid interference with early iron materials system of deoxidizer, switch to the iron series deoxidizer packaging materials.

And more detailed classification: (1) normal deoxidizer: applicable to high oil content and high moisture food, such as moon cakes, food, medicine, pet food. (2) water resistant type oil resistant deoxidizing agent: butter cake, twist,, honey cake, etc. (3) moisture dependent type deoxidizer, such deoxidizer oxygen in the air is very slow, but in contact with the food, the perceived food would rapidly after the moisture of oxygen, the subcontract time is long, can reach 12 hours. (4) continuous deoxidizer, such as roll continuous deoxidizer packaging type, with the automatic input of deoxidizer machine, can be at a speed of 80-200 per minute high-speed cutting and deoxidizer. (5) organic deoxidizer: these products can be through the metal detection machine, generally after the match in the sealed deoxidizer food, metal detection in the final process without affecting the test results. (6) with oxygen indicator of deoxidizer, indicator and deoxidizer together into a whole, intuitive to learn after deoxidizer seal in food packaging bags, bags in the amount of residual oxygen in the situation. When the indicator is red said in anaerobic condition in the bags, and oxygen exists within they wish for blue said. (7) silica gel desiccant, safe non-toxic, containing blue grain, transparent packaging, able to absorb water through color determine whether have, reusable. (8) lime desiccant, quickly absorb moisture, has strong ability of water absorption.

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