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Special corporation to share how to choose the right food packaging material

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Composite packaging solvent residues produced in the printing ink, solvents, general production process (quality performance, dilution solvent ink drying speed, the performance of the machine, and environment, packaging structure will affect the solvent residues). Because now the domestic composite packaging and printing is given priority to with gravure rotary press printing, printing ink use way designed to contain benzene, ketones, special aluminum foil bag for solvent evaporation drying, ink will typically contain different amounts of toluene and butanone, ethyl ester, such as solvent, the molecular weight of each solvent, the boiling point is different, volatile speed is also different, this is formed for a wide variety of different solvent residual values.

So, what are the factors influencing solvent residual?

Below from the ink, solvent, environment, composite packaging structure analysis:

1. Composite ink general with chlorinated polyolefine, polyester resin as the main body, the links of material resin molecular absorption high residue, such as poor solvent release will form a larger residual solvents. In general polyester ink solvent release sex is better than that of polyolefins ink.

2. Solvent residue is one of the biggest reasons for the influence of the solvent, the solvent itself quality, moisture content, the boiling point and evaporation rate will affect the solvent residual, if printing ink solvent, high moisture content or high boiling point often will affect the ink drying rate drop, that affect the quality problems.

3. The influence of solvent residue is not a single reason, printing machines, drying system temperature, wind speed, air volume tends to factors influencing the solvent, but failed to keep pace with wind speed, air volume, and solvent residue will be big, will particularly evident in high-speed printing presses, in addition, printing workshop environment, the air flow will have certain influence.

In terms of packaging structure, 4. There are a lot of is to reduce the residual solvents, using co-extrusion film, no benzene compound ink or alcohol soluble compound ink, choose environmental protection safety solvent, using solvent-free composite mode or extrusion compound mode and so on.

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