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Corporation to carry out fire safety training and fire drill

Number of visits: Date:2016-07-08

Safe production, everyone duty!

- -, corporation to carry out fire safety training and fire drill!!!

Know how to prevent the fire?

If there is a fire know how to escape?

In daily life and work, what kind of bad behavior will lead to safety in production hidden danger?

To adhere to the implementation of the policy of "safety first, prevention first", effectively prevent major accidents, improve the overall fire safety awareness. On October 17 PM, corporation personnel administration, shunde district, foshan city, with all the cheonan fire prevention knowledge propaganda and training center, to all employees of the special corporation is staged a vivid and unforgettable fire control safety knowledge training and fire drill.

First, the training center of instructors through the pictures show the paper into several years both major fire accident, sudden accident analysis on how to save his life and escape.

Second, in view of the officer, mainly analyzes the latest fire control laws and regulations, how to lead the subordinate staff correct when a fire escape, ensure the personal safety of operator, reduce economic loss; Daily how to staff awareness on fire transmission, equipment inspection, equipment usage, how to eliminate fire hazards.

Three, according to the staff, focused on how to eliminate fire hazards and found that fire how to report, how to listen to the superior command when the fire broke out, the right to escape; Proper use of fire equipment, daily maintenance and inspection methods.

Four, put out the fire drill link, the instructor to demonstrate the use of fire extinguishers, and then let the workshop management personnel and experienced employees, make the students easily master the use of the fire extinguisher.

After the training, all the students take the initiative to communicate with the instructor in the present work at ordinary times in life security question, and admitted by the fire control safety knowledge training, the growth of a lot of knowledge, but also realize that everybody is responsible for safety production, sense of social responsibility, and said in the later work, must strengthen the awareness of production safety, and this kind of consciousness to infect every one around you know.

Corporation company, the associated with fire training center all day at the fire training, aims to enhance the overall production safety consciousness, safety knowledge, to create a "people-oriented, safety first" enterprise atmosphere of safety in production, improve the overall defense self-help capability.

The use of the instructor to demonstrate a fire extinguisher



The use of the instructor to demonstrate a fire extinguisher



Workshop management personnel to participate in exercise



Workshop employees to participate in exercise

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