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Desiccant the main species have?

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Q: what are the main kinds of desiccant?

A: at present there are mainly five kinds of typical desiccant in desiccant industry products: (1) the main composition is silica, silica gel desiccant - composed of natural mineral purified processing of granular or bead. As a desiccant, its microporous structure (an average of 2 a. Have good affinity to water molecules. Silica gel is the most suitable moisture environment for room temperature (20 ~ 32), high humidity (60 ~ 90%), it can reduce the environmental relative humidity to 40% or so. (2) clay desiccant (montmorillonite) - for the grey ball shape and optimum moisture absorption under 50 ℃ environment. When the temperature above 50 ℃, the degree of "water" clay was greater than the degree of "water". The advantage of cheap but clay. (3) molecular sieve desiccants - it is a synthetic and strong adsorption of water molecules of desiccant products. Molecular sieve aperture size can be different to control the machining process, in addition to the moisture adsorption, it can also be other gas adsorption. Under the condition of the high temperature of 230 ℃ above, still can be a very good hold water molecules. Advantages: strong adaptability. Disadvantages: low moisture absorption rate, poor environmental (non-biodegradable). (4) mineral desiccant - corporation mineral desiccant is composed of several kinds of natural minerals, appearance is grey ball. It is non-toxic harmless, biodegradable and environmentally friendly desiccant. Moisture absorption rate is above 50%, twice as much as the ordinary silica gel. 5) fiber desiccant - desiccant corporation fiber is made of pure natural plant fiber by special techniques. Among them, especially the effect of fiber desiccant, convenient and practical, do not take up space. Its moisture absorption capacity of 100% of its weight, is unmatched by ordinary desiccant. In addition, the product safety and health, price moderate, is the choice of many biological, health foods and drugs.

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