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What are the main packaging materials desiccant?

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What are the main packaging materials desiccant?

Common desiccant packaging material at home and abroad mainly divides into: domestic ventilation (filter paper) paper, non-woven fabrics, composite paper, textured paper, and the United States dupont Tyvek (Tyvek). Filter paper can be used for small specifications of the silica gel desiccant packaging, used in packaging montmorillonite insufficient strength and easy leakage powder, permeability is good; Composite paper permeability is low, resulting in slow moisture absorption, is generally not suitable for electronic products moistureproof package; Have a certain strength non-woven fabric, has good air permeability, but used to wrap montmorillonite, easy leakage powder; Checkered paper good permeability, high strength, good dustproof, wide applicability, prices higher than ordinary composite paper, but far is far lower than the dupont paper, is the ideal choice for high-grade packaging material; Tyvek (Tyvek) is an ideal material, can be used for a variety of desiccant packaging has high strength, folding resistance, tear resistance, antistatic, permeability is good features, but also has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance, clean design, used for packaging desiccant, has good air permeability, and have enough strength and beautiful printing effect, the only drawback is the high price.

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