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Special corporation share grape and tomato skin antistaling agent removal method

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Its principle is: to grape fresh sulfite in moisture to explain the release of sulfur dioxide, such as can not only kill grey mold some grape storage rot caused by bacteria, and the grapes, the content of abscisic acid and ethylene release has obvious inhibitory effect, can reduce the grape storage of threshing, also inhibits storage fruit in various parts of the activity of polyphenol oxidase.

Suggest removing methods: food preservative because sulfite are water-soluble antistaling agent, therefore, rinse immediately with water.

Tomato commonly used antistaling agent has ortho-phenyl phenol (alias: ample net, diphenol, ortho-phenyl phenol sodium, 2 - hydroxy diphenyl,) is now widely used its sodium salt. Ortho-phenyl phenol is pink crystal, a slight odor, volatile, soluble in many organic solvents.

Ortho-phenyl phenol (especially for the roots of tomato mould to have a good inhibitory effect. In the specific application, generally use spray washing method such as fruit, fruit, or foam.

In addition, there is a kind of fresh-keeping agent is used in the preservation of tomato, it is extracted from shrimp and crab shell chitin and its derivatives, after stripping acetyl groups to join other adjuvant mixture of chitosan derivatives coating antistaling agent. When used for tomato, under the condition of appropriate freshness may be up to two months.

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