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Corporation share type mineral desiccant made is what

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Palygorskite and palygorskite or stripe stone, 1862 SaFuQin found in Soviet ural,

Found in 1913, father 'fee according to the mining area named Palygorskite. Excluding DMF desiccant later Attapulgus regions of Georgia in the United States and France's Moore bleaching salt region also found this kind of minerals in the soil, and by the first pull Bai Liante in 1935 with the name of Attapulgite. In 1976, the Chinese scholars Xu Jiquan according to voice of concave and convex fort both crystal structure characteristics of the mine, translated into "attapulgite", in recent years is used in the country. Attapulgite is a kind of layer 2: type 1 chain structure of water rich magnesium aluminum silicate clay minerals. The ideal formula is as follows: (Mg, Al, Fe) 5 si8o20 (HO) 2 (OH2) 4 · 4 h2o, theoretical chemistry is: SiO2 56.96%; (Mg, Al, Fe) O 23.83%; H2O 19.21%

Attapulgite tetrahedron slice of the y axis Angle of every period for top 180 ° flip, a parallel x axis (fiber extending direction, that is, a shaft, 5.2 °) a long chain and channel. Attapulgite with five octahedral position in the chain, channel cross-sectional area radius for (3.7 ° x 6.4 ° A) A. The pore zeolite filling water. Attapulgite fiber length is about 0.5 ~ 1 mu m, length, diameter ratio of 20:1, some fiber for more than 1 cm, crystal shape of needle, rod-shaped, fibrous.

Attapulgite proportion of light (2.0 ~ 2.3 g/cm3), 2-3 mohs hardness, viscosity and plasticity, when it's wet dry shrink, and does not produce cracks, water imbibition is strong, can reach more than 150%, PH = 8.5 + / - 1, due to internal channel, is bigger than the surface, can reach more than 500 m2 / g, the lion's share of the cation, water molecules and organic molecules of a given size can be directly adsorption into the channel, the electrochemical performance is stable, not easily by electrolytic flocculation, good stability in high temperature and salt water.

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