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Medical waste, corporation is to teach you how to deal with a family

Number of visits: Date:Jul 6,2016

In medical and health institutions in our country medical waste has strict regulations, regulations on the medical waste management regulations, medical packaging shall, according to the principle of centralized treatment of nearby, the timely disposal of medical waste by centralized medical wastes disposal units.

the doctor said, although family medical waste as well as hospital many, but also had better to standardize processing, otherwise the goods may be infectious disease, syringe hurts, chemicals can cause environmental pollution, antibiotics may lead to flow to the water resistant bacteria and so on. Even female hygiene products, because blood is contagious disease, also belongs to the scope of medical waste.

Hospital treatment of medical waste every year to spend a lot of cost, individual can't go out of the money, now have no a family medical waste treatment method and related regulations.

doctors believe, there is a way is possible: the medical waste produced in the home, such as the used needles, syringes, gauze, expired medicines, etc., with a bag, and stored temporarily, take the waste to go to the hospital, "medical garbage can" dedicated to the hospital. In this way, the medical waste can get better treatment.

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