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Corporation value analysis analyze the deoxidizer application in food packaging

Number of visits: Date:Jul 6,2016

Is based on the chemical reaction of oxygen removing in the deoxidizer, therefore the oxygen capacity with the reaction series, such as time, temperature conditions vary. Available deoxidizer in sealed packaging container right amount, about 1 hour can make free oxygen fell below 1%, finally dropped to 0.2%. The slow action deoxidizer to 12-24 hours a day, but the final deoxidization ability is the same, free oxygen to below 0.2%. At the same time deoxidizing agent as a new material, food preservation has its unique advantages. Deoxidizer and food in the same container, deoxidizer absorb the oxygen in the container, the container was in anaerobic state, preserved food. But the deoxidizing agent must have the reaction stability of raw materials, no smell and no harmful side effects, such as gas generated one thousand pieces and harmless to the human body.

Deoxidizer with iron powder as the basic raw materials, commonly used in ordinary food, can maintain food quality and extend the shelf life, used in the health food can prevent oil oxidation, prevent fading and maintain nutrients. Foreign deoxidizer has been widely used in wet bread flour, fans face wet, wet, wet bar, half dried fish products and so on the many kinds of food.

At present, the form of deoxidizer in addition to the bags, and cap. Used in packaged food bags, hat is used for bottles, cans and other containers. In recent years, with the development of food industry and the improvement of packaging materials, deoxidizer in domestic more and more attention, more and more widely applied.

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