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Zte is the world's leading integrated communications solutions provider. The company for more than 160 countries and regions of the world's telecommunications network operators and enterprise customers with innovative technology and product solutions, let users around the world enjoy the voice, data, multimedia communication, wireless broadband, etc. The company was founded in 1985, dual listing in Hong Kong and shenzhen, is the largest telecommunication equipment listed company in China.

Zte has the most complete, end-to-end communications industry product line and integration solutions, through a full range of wireless, cable, the business, terminal products and professional communication services, flexible to meet global demand for differentiation of different network operators and enterprise customers, and the pursuit of rapid innovation. In 2014, zte business income is 81.47 billion yuan, net income of 2.63 billion yuan, up 94% from a year earlier. At present, zte has comprehensive global mainstream operators and enterprise network services to our clients and intelligent terminal shipments in the United States in the first four, and is known as the "wisdom benchmarking enterprise" of the city.

Zte insist on continuous technological innovation continuously create value for our customers. Companies in the United States, France, Sweden, India, China and other places with a 20 global research and development institutions, nearly 30000 domestic and foreign researchers focus on the industry technology innovation; PCT patent applications in recent five annual world top three, 2011, and 2012 PCT's previous world. Companies relying on distribution of global 107 branches, with the increasing innovation ability, outstanding ability of flexible customization, increasingly perfect delivery won worldwide customers trust and cooperation.

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