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Huawei technologies co., LTD is a production and sales of communications equipment of private communications technology company, headquarters is located in longgang district of shenzhen city, guangdong province, China sakaguchi tian as a base. Huawei's products are mainly involved in the communication network exchange network, transmission network, wireless and cable fixed access networks and data communication network and wireless terminal products, to provide communications operators and professional network owners all over the world to hardware, software, services and solutions. Huawei was formally registered in 1987 in shenzhen, China. Huawei's products and solutions has been used in more than 170 countries, the service of the world's top 50 operators 45 and a third of the global population. It is understood that huawei in 2010 with $21.821 billion in revenues for the first time into the fortune global 500 list, ranked as the 397th. In 2011, with revenues of $27.3557 billion in 352. In 2012, huawei 3 years in a row to be included in the fortune 500, with $31.54 billion in 351. In 2013, huawei first time the world's largest telecoms equipment maker Ericsson, ranked 315th, Ericsson ranked 333th. In 2014, huawei ranked 285, up from last year's 315th. In 2015 has improved for ranking compared with 2014, rose to 57-228. In 2016, huawei has increased nearly hundred, ranked 129th. [1] in 2015, named sina science and technology of the year 2014 annual list of outstanding enterprises. [2] in 2016, the research agency Millward Brown's BrandZ ranking of 100 most valuable global brands, huawei, up from 2015, ranked 70th in the 50th. [3] in August, the national federation of industry and commerce issued the "2016 China top 500 private enterprises" list, huawei to 395.009 billion yuan of annual revenue to become the top 500. In August of [4], huawei in the "2016 China top 500 enterprises" ranked 27th.

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