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Audi is a famous automobile manufacturers and developers, the symbol for the four rings. Now subsidiary of Volkswagen ag, based in Germany the gore Mr Eberstadt, the main products are series of A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 and A8 series, Q7 (SUV), R, convertible and sports car series, etc.

Car brand

Audi is an international famous luxury car brand. It represents the high technical level, quality standards, innovation ability, and classical model design

Audi to become the world's one of the most successful brands. Company headquarters: German and British gore Tuesday

Audi group including the parent company and its subsidiaries audi Hungary, quattro co., LTD., as well as the lamborghini car company and Cosworth technology company, audi and audi plug in Brazil that tower. In addition, the audi also has a factory in China, Malaysia and South Africa.

Audi is an international high quality automobile developer and manufacturer. Now subsidiary of Volkswagen ag, based in Britain ingolstadt, Germany

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