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Yunnan baiyao

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Yunnan baiyao group co., LTD. (referred to as the "yunnan baiyao" of stocks, stock code 000538, the shenzhen stock exchange), the predecessor was founded in June 1971 of yunnan white drug company. On May 3, 1993 in yunnan province, the economic system reform committee clouds (1993) no. 48 approval, yunnan white drug company for modern enterprise system reform, establishment of yunnan baiyao industry co., LTD., in yunnan province administration for industry and commerce registration. By the China securities regulatory commission regulatory review words (1993) no. 55 for approval, the company in November 1993 for the first time to the public offering of 20 million shares (including 200000 internal staff shares), directional issued 4 million shares, issue price of 3.38 yuan/share, after the release total of 80 million shares. Approved by the China securities regulatory commission, on December 15, 1993 corporate social public offerings, A shares listed on the shenzhen stock exchange trading, internal staff shares begin trading on July 11, 1994. In 1996, 10 menstrual temporary shareholders' meeting to discuss, the company changed its name to yunnan baiyao group co., LTD. After 30 years development, the company has assets of less than 3 million yuan from a production enterprise grow up to be a total assets of more than 7.63 billion, the total sales income of more than 10 billion yuan ($2010) by the end, business involves the chemical pharmaceuticals, chemical medicine preparations, proprietary Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, biological products, health food, cosmetics and beverages in the development, production and sales; Sugar, tea, building materials, decorative materials wholesale, retail, buying goods on a commission basis; Science and technology and economic and technical consulting services, medical apparatus and instruments (category ii and category of medical dressings, disposable medical and health supplies), the strongest in the areas of yunnan province of supplies, the brand the most optimal large pharmaceutical enterprise group. The products of the company is given priority to with yunnan baiyao series and panax notoginseng series, a total of ten kinds of dosage form more than seventy products, mainly sold to domestic, Hong Kong and Macao, southeast Asia and other regions, and has set up a into Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions of the market. "Yunnan baiyao" trademark in February 2002 by the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office as China well-known trademark

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