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Midea group

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Midea generally refers to group, midea group (SZ. 000333) is a large comprehensive enterprise group mainly household appliances manufacturing, listed on the shenzhen stock exchange on September 18, 2013, which owns the whistling, welling holding subsidiaries of listed companies. In 2013, midea group overall sales income of 121 billion yuan, export sales revenue of $7.4 billion. 2013 "China's most valuable brands" evaluation, beauty brand value reached 65.336 billion yuan, are the most valuable brand in the country. 5. In December 2014, the United States formally announced that 1.26 billion yuan to introduce millet technology as a strategic investor, a 1.288% stake, millet will also nominate a core executives to join the United States of the board of directors. On January 8, 2015, the room air conditioner energy saving key technology research and industrialization "won second prize among the" national science and technology progress prize ". [1] on July 20, 2016, midea group to the revenue of 22173.5 for the first time into the fortune global 500 list, ranked 481th.

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