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Guangzhou Honda

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Guangzhou Honda generally refers to guangzhou Honda, guangzhou Honda automobile co., LTD. (former guangzhou Honda automobile co., LTD., guangzhou Honda) was founded on July 1, 1998, it is by guangzhou automobile group company and Japan Honda sg industrial co., LTD jointly established joint venture, each 50% stake, fixed number of year of 30 years of cooperation. Guangzhou Honda has huangpu factory and zengcheng two factory areas, production capacity of combined to achieve annual output of 480000 units, total area of 1.6 million square meters. Guangzhou Honda, existing staff more than a total of 8000 people. Guangzhou Honda's current production of main products are poems figure series crossovers, accord series cars, Odyssey multi-function series cars, ling sent series cars, feng fei series cars, fit sedan and independent brand concept car seven big series more than 30 kinds of models.

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