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Fuyao glass industry group co., LTD

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Fuyao group generally refers to fuyao glass industry group co., LTD. Fuyao group is the largest, the highest technical level, the largest supplier of automotive glass production volume, product "FY" brand is China automotive glass industry so far the only "Chinese famous trademark", since 2004, two consecutive terms was awarded "China famous brand product" title; Fuyao products by China quality association named the "national customer satisfaction product", fuyao group board of directors is "top ten board", fuyao glass shares as the Shanghai 50 index sampled stocks, "new finance" "beautiful 50", "csi asiaec China top 50 most development potential of the listed company", and so on. Fuyao group over the years has been the most growth of 50 blue-chip a-share listed company, is also "China best corporate citizens", "2007 CCTV annual best employer". Fuyao group, the full name of fuyao glass industry group co., LTD. (including its predecessor), incorporated in fuzhou of China in 1987, is a professional production of automotive safety glass and glass of industrial technology of sino-foreign joint ventures. In 1993, fuyao group shares listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, became the first Chinese listed company, stock abbreviation: fuyao glass, stock code: 600660. Fuyao group, the existing staff of more than ten thousand people, has in fuqing, changchun, Shanghai, chongqing, Beijing, guangzhou has established the automobile glass production base, also in fujian fuqing, JiLinShuang liao, Inner Mongolia tgo, haikou, hainan and other places set up a modern float glass production base, in domestic has formed the one whole set throughout the southeast northwest union union system of production and marketing network.

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