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Guangzhou pharmaceutical group co., LTD

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Guangzhou pharmaceutical group co., LTD., guangzhou municipal government authorization management of state-owned assets of a wholly state-owned company, mainly engaged in proprietary Chinese medicine and plant medicines, chemical drug substances and drug products, biological medicine preparations in areas such as research and development (R and D), and manufacturing and business (P and M), and in medicine trade logistics, health industry, etc, with the sustained and rapid development, is the main support development of guangzhou city of integrating science, industry and trade in one of the large enterprise groups. Wide medicine group have "guangzhou pharmaceutical industry" (Hong Kong H shares, Shanghai a-share listed) and "baiyun mountain" (shenzhen a-share listed) two listed companies and nearly 30 members of the enterprise. Guangzhou pharmaceutical co., LTD. Was established in 1951, the existing staff of more than 1700 people, is one of the largest pharmaceutical circulation enterprises in south China. Transformation is a limited liability company in December 2001, the company as a whole into a limited liability company, involved in both manufacturing and the original company 33 natural person shareholders constitute a new company registered capital of 22 million yuan at the same time changed its name to guangzhou pharmaceutical co., LTD. In December 2014, the court ruled that the guangdong plus the stupa compensate the plaintiff wide medicine group and the economic loss of 150 million yuan of reasonable rights costs 265210 yuan. January 13, 2015, China's largest pharmaceutical industry enterprise wide medicine group, the listed company of baiyun mountain in guangzhou and ali health information technology co., LTD., a strategic partnership, both sides will use their respective resource advantages to develop together, in the field of medicine, electricity and so on three big butt, promote the development of medical health industry informatization. In August 2016, guangzhou pharmaceutical group in the "2016 China top 500 enterprises" ranked 187th.

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