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The national technology

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National technology co., LTD., was born in March 2000 by the shenzhen zte IC design co., LTD. Established in June 2009, the overall transformation, and bear the national "909" is very large scale integrated circuit engineering one of the integrated circuit design enterprises. Company headquarters is located in shenzhen, and set up a research and development and support centre in Beijing and Shanghai. National technology adhering to the independent innovation of the idea, to make innovation of technology, innovative products, innovative market, to the society and people with high value, high quality of IC products and solutions as the goal, actively promote the industry and the industry chain cooperation, create win-win business model. Companies with information security, SOC, radio frequency (rf) as the core technology development direction, ranging from front-end to the back-end process of IC design technology, with more than hundreds of independent intellectual property rights, and in a number of innovative technology breakthroughs. Since its inception, to undertake too many item of national "863 project" special major issue and the national development and reform commission high-tech industrialization projects, won a dozen provincial technology award. In order to promote the development and progress of modern society, the Internet era of national technology in security, communications, consumer electronics, three major contribution to the market with full independent intellectual property rights of knowledge production of 32-bit CPU core products, widely used in the financial, fiscal, customs, electronic government affairs in our country, digital copyright protection and other fields, is the industry leader. National technology is one of the originators of trusted computing industry alliance, China launched trusted password module (TCM) products and solutions is an important independent innovation achievements of China's information security industry, has been hailed as "the DNA of PC information security in China". Launch of the safe storage, mobile payment, such as innovative products and solutions, has realized the unique technological breakthrough; In CMMB mobile TV chip, the td-scdma LTE rf chip market leading achievements have been made. National technology with "national innovation service" for the enterprise vision, based on the independent innovation as the society provides the high quality of IC products and overall solutions, and actively promote the construction of a new business model, more committed to contribute to safe and convenient digital life of people. On February 25, 2013, the national technology co., LTD Z32D1024 passed certification, the international organization for EMV smart card chip marks the company's security chip technology level has reached the internationally recognized high level. At present, the total including Inside Secure, NXP, Samsung, ST, Atmel, Infineon, Renesas, Mikron and national technology (Nationz), 9 manufacturers of chip through the authentication, and is China's first national technology is also the only one certified by the chip makers.

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