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Foxconn technology group is invested by Taiwan's hon hai group of high and new technology enterprise. Factory in shenzhen area investment in 1988, President gou. In mainland China from the pearl river delta to the Yangtze river delta to the bohai sea, from the southwest to the south to the northeast industrial park of science and technology is established for more than 30, in Asia, the americas, Europe and other places with more than 200 subsidiaries and accredited institutions, now has more than 120 employees, and the world's top target customers. On December 12, 2014, according to foreign media reports, foxconn announced that because of a shortage of orders, the company will be closed in on December 24, the company factory of chennai in India. The factory of more than 1700 employees may face unemployment. [1] in February 2016, foxconn will have on the sharp invested more than 650 billion yen ($5.8 billion). Sharp, the board approved the acquisition agreement. That is to say, Japan's sharp company agreed to offer Taiwan foxconn companies in China. It is Japanese technology companies to accept the biggest ever overseas acquisitions. [2] on August 11, 2016, foxconn, said China's antitrust division has approved the company acquisition of sharp. This progress for foxconn complete sharp paved the way for $3.8 billion.

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