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Panasonic, a famous Japanese electronics manufacturer

Edit Panasonic (Panasonic), is a transnational company in Japan, has more than 230 companies around the world, the total number of staff more than 290493 people. Among them, more than 54000 people in China. In 2001, the year sales totaled more than $610, as the world's top 500 manufacturing 26th place. Panasonic in Chinese as "Panasonic" (early call National, 1986 start gradually changed to Panasonic, October 1, 2008 in a total unity of Panasonic) by matsushita electric konosuke matsushita venture since 1918, development of products related to home appliances, digital audio-visual electronic, office products, aviation, etc many fields and is famous in the world; The enterprise brand into the world's top 500 brands list. Panasonic announced on October 31, 2012 in fiscal 2012 (April 2012 to March 2013) the merger of the final profit and loss (according to the accounting standards) expected cut for the loss of 765 billion yen from 50 billion yen.

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