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Zhuhai gree electric appliances co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, sales and service in a body specialized air conditioning enterprise. Main business scope: production and sales of air conditioner, self-supporting export business of air conditioner and its related spare parts of import and export business. In 2010, the company independent research and development of air conditioning refrigerant R290 natural environmental protection, the international authoritative institutions Germany VED certification body recognition, won the German national electrical safety certification marks VDE certification. Company centrifugal chiller and screw water chillers, a total of 29 water-cooled water chiller all AHRI certification by the air conditioning heating and refrigeration association. The company to become the first domestic for AHRI certification of water chiller air conditioning manufacturers in China, is currently the only company obtained the certificate of air-conditioning manufacturers in China, to fill the domestic blank. The national ministry of science and technology torch high and new technology industry development center issued a release on the 2010 national torch plan key high-tech enterprise the results notice, the company by the ministry of science and technology torch center identified as "national torch plan key high-tech enterprise", become the home appliance industry took the lead through the national key high-tech enterprise of enterprise.

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