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Topcod Industry Co., Ltd. in Shunde District, Foshan City, is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Topcod Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. in mainland China that specialized at producing various kinds of environmental drying agents (dampproof bead), dustproof paper, dustproof film, humidity indication card, aluminum foil bag shelter bag and packing materials related with moistureproof and dustproof products. It provides all-out moistureproof and fungus proofing solutions to clients. To provide better services, it set up business division of drying agents (dampproof bead), business division of humidity card and business division of bag production.

The company has the world’s most advanced and highest-standard production line for packing of drying agents. It is the first in the country to own mechanical production line of humidity card and mechanical production line of dampproof bags; it has a first-rated professional technical team installed with high-precision detection devices. It has passed ISO 9001:2000 international quality system certification and its product have passed high-quality tests including SIMT national test center certification; its product quality has reached military standards for the US MIL-D-346E, German standard DIN55473; and certification from MA Guangdong Product Supervision and Check Center; its quality has reached Japanese Industry JISZ0701 and SGS environmental protection test certification and conforms to EU RoHS instruction and SONYGp standards.

With the operation concept on ‘putting guest in the best regards and people in the center, providing high-quality and competitive products and services and repaying both the society and its employees’, the company has forever adhering to customizing individualized service formulas following demands of each individual clients with advanced science and technologies together with quality services in order to assist customers to reach their objectives.

At present, Topcod has enjoyed high reputation in the field. A string of world’s first-grade companies including Guangzhou Honda, Panasonic, SONY and so on has become our clients that we take pride in. Our products are greatly received among clients and are sold all over the country. Some of our products are sold far to dozens of countries and regions including western and southeast Asian countries, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and so forth.

The company has a team of vibrant, high-efficient and precise staffs. By forever putting marketing as the orientation, it researches and develops fundamental marketing model and sticks to the corporate value concept characterized by ‘truth seeking, innovation, harmony and progress’.

At present, the company’s business has been growing by folds. While its business is expanding, it has been constantly inputting capital to research and development of new products. It has obtained breakthrough progress in terms of dampproof, rust-proof, mould-proof and anti-static products.

In the future, Topcod will input more efforts and capital to product development, marketing extension, client services, environmental protection and such so as to provide more diversified and qualified products to the society and offer satisfying and good-quality services to customers.